Ladies Night Out

I was invited to a GNO when I took this class and I must say I was pleasantly surprised from the warm hospitality of Hollis and her lil helpers (smile), to the coaching, one on one assistance and encouragement I received which helped inspire my work of art.

I walked in not knowing what I wanted to make or if I had it in me to make anything I would feel good about. A few hours later, I walked out excited about the African mask I just created and feeling good about myself.

I would have never taken a clay class let alone push the artistic and creative side beyond what I "thought" were my limits. Thanks to Say it with Clay, I have been introduced to a side of me I didn't know existed! I not only have an original piece of art by the work of my own hands but a discussion piece as well when I entertain friends in my home.

Now every time I walk by it...I'm reminded that 1) the only limits I have are the ones I give myself; 2) I can do anything I set my mind to do; 3) never underestimate yourself and 4) there's no one like me and I do have something to offer the world.

Hollis God bless you and your staff for all that you pour into the lives of everyone who learns to Say it with Clay.

Wanda Folcroft, PA

"My class time at the Say It With CLAY studio went far beyond my expectations! I originally thought the class would have me become familiar with clay, address my creativity and be an overall fun time. In the end I certainly did get these benefits and also enjoyed what I now call "an experience!" The teacher's expertise and engaging warm personality along with the studio's welcoming environment were remarkable...a memorable experience for sure!".......

RoseMary, Mount Laurel, NJ

Say it With Clay My husband found an offer of 50% off 4 pottery classes on Living Social and gave it to me as a get-well gift. I figured I’d try it, but like most things we initially embrace with great enthusiasm (ballroom dancing anyone?) I figured it would be a short lived fling. Now, nearly six months later, I couldn’t imagine not coming to the studio several times a month, because it’s such a relaxing and wonderful way to spend time producing unique pieces and learning new skills. Hollis and Abbie both have an easy, encouraging teaching style which is always incredibly knowledgeable, without being in any way intimidating. They promote individual creativity at all ability levels and they accommodate any physical limitations with ease.

Whenever I start a new piece, Hollis and I discuss the inspiration and an execution plan; she encourages and offers suggestions, but never pushes. While at times the final outcome isn’t anything like my original idea, I always feel a sense of accomplishment in creating pieces that are uniquely mine. It couldn’t have been an accident that I found my way into to Say it With Clay after a difficult recovery from stage III breast cancer, chemotherapy and reconstruction surgery. I’m where I need to be right now healing emotionally and physically. Working at clay has encouraged me past my physical limitations to discover a new way of being creative. I love coming here.

Elizabeth Koniz

Hi Everyone,

I have just been introduced to a great place to relax and create some beautiful artwork; "Say it with Clay". This studio is geared toward giving your visions an outlet to materialize!

The relaxed environment allows for conversation to flow; the sharing of knowledge and ideas concerning the art, as well as life. Gross and fine motor work, concentration, and imagination are just a few of the skills engaged in this studio.

This is a great activity you could do with your family or friends to fill some of your summer down time.

Give them a call; and tell them Joanne sent you!

Joanne Shea

While having fun, the youth from the C.A. P. program gained a sense of pride and accomplishment as well as ownership of their clay creation. In addition, the group experienced and learned an alternative way of sharing their feelings in a relaxing, non-threatening atmosphere, while building many helpful skills such as, listening, patience, follow through and care. Clay has been a valuable tool to the youth of our program.

Donte' Walker
Assistant Program Director
C.A.P. Program
Genesis Counseling Centers

"This is awesome!" Look what I made! Phrases not commonly expressed by multiply disabled students let alone to be expressed with the utmost enthusiasm. Their experience puts them all on a level playing field opening them up to unchained creativity. Every clay session we have attended has been engaging, creative and artistically nurturing experience. The students walk in and within the sixty minute session their"blocks" of clay are transformed into sculptures and masterpieces.

Toni R. Bonnete
CAPE Adapted Physical Education
Lindenwold School District

Our family cannot speak highly enough about Say It With Clay and their staff, Hollis Citron and Abbie Gray. Our son Luke has been attending their workshops and clay therapy since he was five. Over time, his pieces have visibly improved in quality. Luke will ask when am I going back to clay and think about what he wants to make ahead of time. At a workshop, he can work on his sensory skills by working with the clay as well as his social skills in interacting with the other people in attendance. In the process of making a piece, whether it is a mask or a bowl or a dish, it helps him with the sequencing of events. There are not many places where Luke can go either independently or with his therapist, and Say It With Clay isjust a wonderful opportunity for him. We are very grateful to Hollis and Abbie for this opportunity to participate in the arts for our son.

Connie & Gregory Fitler
Parents of Luke, on the autism spectrum

As the parent of a son with Autism, I have found the Say It With Clay to be a wonderful place for John. It not only provides an avenue to develop skills in the art of clay, but a place where he is accepted unconditionally. He has increased his ability to interact with others as well as express his emotions in a non-threatening environment through his artwork. Hollis and Abbie are very nurturing and supportive. They encourage John to do and be the best that he can be. John lost his brother two years ago from a tragic accident. Through the artwork that John did and continues to do he has developed a means of expressing this loss in a concrete method. It has been extremely supportive and therapeutic for John. Say It With Clay is a wonderful place and provides a positive way for all to express themselves. Thank you Hollis and Abbie.

Mary Giblin

My 14-year-old son Steven has Asperger's Syndrome. Working with clay is wonderfully creative, soothing and therapeutic. It makes Steven feel great in terms of sensory input and creative output. His self-esteem is very fragile and this positive sense of accomplishment is so critical for him. Hollis’s and Abbie’s teaching backgrounds and experience with special needs individuals pay huge dividends in knowing how to react when Steven melts down over frustration when a clay piece is not turning out the way he envisions. I can't thank Hollis and Abbie enough for all they bring to Steven's life and in return to our entire family.

Jackie Pantaliano

I love being able to create new designs and am excited to get to class!

I spend hours each week sketching my next idea. Wedging the clay is a perfect opportunity for me to channel my frustrations and anger. Creation of the design helps me to focus and be in the moment as I work to create something new and different in my life. While I often get frustrated with how a design isn't what I envisioned it to be, I am able to pause and make a choice. Am I going to continue the patterns of criticism and failure that have ruled my life? Or can I use this moment to choose something new? The classes have given me the opportunity to shift my focus from the end result to the whole creative process.

Katheryn B.

Say It With Clay has been an awesome experience for both myself and my daughter. Nothing compares to the feeling of being able to express yourself in such a unique way. I have worked with children and adults in the past with many different abilities and the enormous positive potential Abbie and the Say It With Clay program could have for each one is undeniable. I have seen the immense benefits my own daughter has received from the program, it is unlike any other physical therapy she has experience through the years. I experience my own feelings of accomplishment creating such meaningful pieces of art whether I keep it for myself or gift it to others. No matter if you're an experienced artist or amateur, playing with clay is fun and beneficial! I would recommend Clay to anyone.


I have enjoyed making things from clay in the past but it was when I went to Say It With Clay that I really realized just how much I loved it and have learned tricks and techniques from Abbie that have expanded my abilities and ideas, showing me that my hands can do more than I thought. I have a nervous system disorder and going to Say It With Clay has been more than just a fun experience, it is a form of occupational therapy that I hardly realize I am doing because I am so immersed in my project. Shaping the clay relaxes me and sparks my creativity. It is very inspiring taking a lump of clay and transform it into something hopefully beautiful and interesting. I am so happy I found Abbie and Say It With Clay and for the wonderful times I've had there and for the times to come. Thank you!


I would like to give a testimonial as to how a Stress Reduction Workshop at Say It With Clay helped my 20-year old son. My son could barely walk into the studio, he was so bound up by his headaches. His eyes were almost closed, and was very unresponsive. When I came back 3 hours later, it was like night and day. His eyes were wide open, he was almost smiling, he was responsive, he seemed like a different person. He had made a beautiful clay tray and was very proud of it. the workshop really helped him.

Grace C.